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Firstly thank you very much for even being interested  enough in doing this this you have clicked through to this page. I am an aspiring writer with a serious book habit and an avid tea drinker and biscuit dunker (only if it’s a Hob-Nob though.) My blog is my attempt to fulfill my dream to write which began when I was younger. Little me sat down at a typewriter and wrote a story about some pirates and a lion, which consequently ate them when they tried to steal its treasure. I began to find joy in weaving stories and the act of writing itself. But as happens to many of us, somewhere along the way, I ‘grew up’ and stopped having time for writing my own stories because I believed I wasn’t good enough, so I just enjoyed the ones that others wrote. Now, I have decided it is time for me to tell my own stories.

However, I may need a little help to do this. I would like to dedicate myself to writing full time but still be able to afford the tea and biscuits I need. I am hoping that you have enjoyed my blog so far, maybe enough that you may feel like you might want to contribute to my tea and biscuit fund. Anything is greatly appreciated and will allow me to continue to write full time, which would be a dream come true.

​The good news is that becoming a Patron will give you the opportunity to influence the blog. Every so often I will create a poll with future content ideas and you can tell me which one you’d most like to see me create. Or if you would rather, you can send me a message to suggest something you would like me to cover or write about and have the satisfaction of seeing it appear on the blog. I will also have a VIP Patron wall on my front page with your name or website on it to thank patrons for their contribution. 
​I’m a little rusty so I promise it’ll get better with time, but if you love sitting in front of your computer with a cup of tea and a biscuit and reading a stranger’s reflections on life, short stories and travels, then you’re in the right place! I will endeavor to pair your tea break with interesting, thought-provoking and entertaining writing. I look forward to hearing from you and if you do choose to become a Patreon, you are an awesome person and look very beautiful today!

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